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feel (2003)

feel cover The CD feel consists of twelve original songs composed and performed by Sam Turton. From an ever-growing library of compositions, songs were selected which best illustrate the central theme—a vibrant, primal, fully feeling way of life.

It is Sam's intention to defy rigid categorization and offer music that presents a wide range of emotional states and musical styles. Some songs are introspective while others are lighthearted. Some express personal pain while others express personal joy.

In a society that leans more and more towards a restless and superficial lifestyle of distraction, entertainment, and consumption, feel speaks of deeper, rooted connections within us and with those around us. To express these feelings, Sam has chosen musical styles that are rooted in tradition, styles that were created for personal expression rather than marketing product.

This CD was independently funded in order to preserve the artistic integrity of the writer and the performers. The music on this CD is not created with profit in mind, it is created for the sake of its own expression.
Sound clips, lyrics & commentary

more than anything  lyrics & commentary
you're my friend  lyrics & commentary
somebody  lyrics & commentary
i am my wilderness  lyrics & commentary
nobody sees her  lyrics & commentary
feel  lyrics & commentary
love of freedom  lyrics & commentary
little tayler  lyrics & commentary
more to life  lyrics & commentary
empires fall  lyrics & commentary
without love  lyrics & commentary
my children  lyrics & commentary